Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Boredom Survial Guide - General Help

no clue what to do

So your out of ideas... Time to get creative!

Chances are you're here because you're bored as hell. We've established the problem, now we advance towards solution. Occasionally we're in  predicaments where there's nothing happening within 150 miles and that's quite alright, because that's not the issue its an excuse. Truth is  we are designers of our own "stagnant hell." We need the ability to entertain ourselves, rather than relying on something else to entertain us. Too many people rely on stimulus from external sources, and they get bored when its absent. Creativity, productivity, and a desire to try new things are your friends, not having them around means loneliness.

Don't turn yourself into a vegetable due to negligence....

lifeless, vegtable

What Can I Do?
 (Boredom Survival Guide - General Help) :

1.) Foremost, get what you NEED to get done FIRST! If it's related to your personal life (i.e. job, school, home improvement, auto repair, etc.), get it done. Becoming active about managing your needs helps tremendously in your fight against "The dull day." Perhaps you think everything's done? Nine times out of ten your cheating yourself. Have you ever heard the saying, "There is always room for improvement?" While these things are normally boring themselves, often we don't make attempt to make them fun and interesting. Try to, you'll be shocked when you do.

2.) Try something new. Boredom is insanity, and insanity is expecting a new outcome from completely repeated behavior. In other words boredom is mostly caused by not changing. Some good ideas include changing your daily schedule up, finding a new hobby, learning something new, and much more. A multitude of  ideas rest upon your finger tips, now grasp them.

3.) Last but not least, make plans for the future. This objective is about a long term solution towards eliminating boredom. Take aim at your desired future, and shoot. Transcribe a list of things you want to do and have within five or ten years. Start making steps towards the happy futuristic you, and remember it's never too late. This is an ongoing list, it should expand as you progress through the years. Think of the movie "The Bucket List (Staring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman)."  Two gentlemen terminally ill on their deathbeds, who where still fulfilling their life aspirations. Always look ahead and never behind.

That concludes this part of my boredom survival guide! Thank you for reading my post, and may it be an inspiration for your well-being.

More to come in regards to specific hobbies and other fun things!  

Written By: Matthew L.